Our team

The compact organisation of L&L is designed to achieve maximum quality and service for our clients.

Translators and writers

L&L works with over three thousand professional translators and writers from all over the world. They can only work for L&L once they have demonstrated their skills through a series of tests. L&L is always looking for good language professionals and has its own recruitment department which focuses on expanding and deepening our linguistic department on a daily basis.

We only work with translators and writers who have a university or similar qualification. In addition, most of our translators and writers are experts in one or more subject areas.

Thanks to our extensive database of translators and writers, we can always select the most suitable person to work on your translation or writing projects.

Project management

The Project Management department forms the heart of L&L. When we receive a request from a client, one of our project managers performs the initial analysis of the translation or writing project. The project manager then works closely with the account managers to draw up the final quote.

Once you have given the go-ahead, the project manager is responsible for your project. He or she ensures that the right translator/reviewer or writer is selected, sends the required files and monitors the quality and progress of the work.

Account management

Your regular contact person at L&L is usually one of our account managers (project managers may also play this role). An important task of the Account Management department is to get to know you and your organisation better. Only then can we optimally align our services to your wishes and needs.