Construction and civil engineering

Whether it concerns the development of a new residential area or the construction of a railway tunnel, all construction and civil engineering projects start and end with a huge amount of documentation. L&L works with technical writers and translators who are familiar with this sector. They know the terminology and speak your language.

Translations and terminology

Do you need to have the assembly instructions for a gas plant translated? Or perhaps the specifications for a new office building? We work with translators who know the technical terminology of the construction industry. Every translation is checked by a second translator or reviewer with the same specialist knowledge. Our ISO 9001-certified quality control is a further guarantee for high-quality translations.

Writing documentation

L&L has been the regular communication partner for several big construction companies, project developers and governments for many years. Our technical writers have therefore acquired extensive knowledge about all aspects of the construction industry. This has many advantages. You don’t have to train a technical writer from L&L. Our writers are able to independently collect and compile all the available information. With a very structured approach and advanced software support, they produce high-quality documentation.

Would you like to know more about using professional technical writers for your construction company? Please feel free to contact one of our account managers. They will be happy to tell you more about the services of L&L for the construction and civil engineering industry.

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