Are you looking for a real specialist to translate your software? L&L has nearly thirty years’ experience in the localisation of software applications. We localise all kinds of software: from CRM to ERP systems, from games to embedded software.

Consistency in translation

The greatest challenge in software localisation is consistency: software strings must always be translated in the same way throughout an application. If a button is called ‘Save’ in the user interface, you don’t want the associated help text to refer to ‘Store’.

L&L uses the most sophisticated translation tools to prevent any such inconsistencies. During the localisation process, all translations and source texts are stored in a translation memory. This means that identical texts are always translated in the same way. Moreover, we keep all translations and preferred terminology in a translation database. The use of these translation tools guarantees consistent translations and achieves considerable time and money savings.

Planning release date

Another big challenge in localisation is planning. It frequently happens that an application is mostly finished, while the help texts and other documentation may only be written later on. The release date has already been set, however. L&L translates huge volumes of text in a short time so that you don’t need to worry about releasing your application in time. Thanks to our extensive database of experienced software translators, we can easily increase the pace at any given moment. Our specialised tools make it possible to have several translators working on your application texts at the same time.

Advice in multilingual application development

Do you regularly develop software applications for the international market? If so, it is very useful to integrate the multilingual elements and processes right at the start of your development process. This facilitates the later localisation. Software modules developed for multilingual functionalities can be used again in the development of new applications. Our localisation consultants give expert advice about the various aspects of multilingual application development.

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