Safety is an important issue in aviation. National and international governments and organisations impose stringent demands on aviation companies. Recording these is an indispensable part of any safety system. No other sector produces so much documentation: manuals, checklists, maintenance instructions and safety reports.

High-quality translations

L&L’s translations for the aviation industry fulfil the very highest quality standards. First of all, we select translators with in-depth knowledge of the terminology used in aviation. Furthermore, every translation is screened by a reviewer – also a professional with knowledge of aviation terminology.

Another guarantee for quality is the use of the latest CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) software tools for your texts. An example of such a tool is a terminology database or term base. In this database, we save the translations for terminology. If a translator comes across a certain term in a text, the term base automatically generates the correct translation for this term.

Finally, it is good to know that quality control at L&L is certified according to the stringent ISO 9001 standards.

Writing documentation

Are you looking for qualified technical writers to write user documentation for the aviation industry? We work with experienced writers who – thanks to their academic background or work experience – are familiar with the language of aviation technology. They are accustomed to working in a very structured way and are aware of the importance of safety in aviation. With a technical writer from L&L in your team, you are assured of accurate, high-quality documentation.

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