Leading players in the high-tech industry rely on L&L when it comes to translations and technical writing. Which is not surprising, because we work with very experienced translators and writers who are familiar with the technology of the sector. They are used to working under time pressure and delivering top-quality texts.

Translating technical texts

(For the translation of software and online help, see the Localisation page.)
Are you looking for translators who are not fazed by very complex technical texts? If so, L&L is the right address. We have translators who have worked in the high-tech industry or who have specific academic qualifications in this field. They are aware of the latest trends and developments in your field.

When translating your texts, we use advanced translation tools such as terminology databases and translation memories. This is an extra guarantee that your translated texts will meet the highest standards. L&L also translates according to an ISO-certified quality system which includes careful screening of every translation by an expert reviewer.

Writing documentation

In a high-tech environment, good user documentation and product documentation are absolutely essential. This is only possible if you have writers who know their subject.
The technical writers from L&L are all able to analyse and understand complex material. Thanks to their technical knowledge and experience, they quickly see the general lines. Using L&L’s ISPRO® method, they organise the information, design the documentation and then start writing.

The documentation, which is compiled in a modular way, is written using special support software. This has the advantage that the texts can remain compact and that text segments can be re-used. Furthermore, translating the texts is easier and less time-consuming.

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