Information and communication technology

In 1984, L&L was one of the first translation companies in the Netherlands to produce software translations (localisation). Our company has kept pace with the rapid developments which have taken place in ICT over the past thirty years. Today, L&L offers very professional services in localisation and writing user documentation for ICT applications.
We write and translate texts for a range of applications:

  • Localisation of software, e.g. user interface and online help
  • Manuals for consumer electronics, e.g. smartphones, tablets and audio-visual equipment
  • E-learning, e.g. interactive training modules

Localisation and translations

Are you planning the international launch of a software product or a device with built-in software? If so, L&L’s localisation services can help you. We produce a high-quality, user-friendly IT translation of all your software strings and associated help texts.
When translating your software, we ensure consistency between the user interface and the help texts. That might seem obvious, but in practice the terms used in the help text and in the interface are often not the same. The result is confusion among end users.

L&L uses the latest computer applications for the localisation of your software. This means we can guarantee optimal consistency, also when the help texts are translated at a different time than the interface. Would you like to know more about our software localisation methods? If so, call one of our experts on +31 (0)30-290 0400.

Writing and planning

Do you want the guarantee of good user documentation, without endangering the release date of your new software product? With a technical writer from L&L in your team, you have that guarantee.
Help texts and training material are usually written at the end of the development process. When new software is developed, deadlines are regularly moved but the release date is generally fixed. Consequently, there may not be much time to write the documentation.

The solution: temporary reinforcement of your development team in the form of a technical writer from L&L. He or she works parallel to your development team and ensures that the production of the documentation keeps pace with the development of the software.

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