Security saves lives. Whether it concerns fire protection in multinationals, access management at airports or alarm systems for business and private markets: it is absolutely vital that security is never compromised. It’s safe to say that security has become increasingly relevant in today’s society. Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. And security applications have to respond to these developments. Innovation is therefore high priority in the security industry. For many years, L&L has been translating documentation for national and international companies in this sector. This is why we have the knowledge and experience required to complete your translation projects professionally and to a high standard. We know what’s important in your world.
Below are some of the areas in which we have earned our spurs. Even if your work does not fall into these categories, we are happy to be of service!

Fire protection

Although fire is indispensable, it also involves many dangers. Fortunately there are numerous fire prevention and detection products and fire fighting systems which make our living environment as safe as possible. Examples of these are fire alarm systems, video surveillance, detection systems and applications which regulate the oxygen level in the air. L&L works intensively with European and US companies that develop such products. We translate manuals, software, brochures and catalogues. Our translators have a background in fire protection and are familiar with the professional jargon.


The security sector is a big user of hardware, such as door and window furniture, wall readers, lockers, carriers and burglar alarm systems. L&L can provide translations of all related documentation. We have experience in translating manuals, online help, and datasheets for products and material safety. With our computer-assisted translation tools, CAT for short, we can create a terminology database and ensure that your documentation is translated consistently.


Much of the hardware mentioned above is software-controlled, for instance in applications for access control and traffic management, but also in the fields of fire protection and cyber crime prevention. And this software is often used internationally. L&L translates both the actual software (the GUI content) and the associated documentation. We also localize your translations, so that they can be understood and are relevant to the culture of the country in which they will be used. Localization is an art in itself, but no problem for our translators. In our experience, strict deadlines are often involved in software translations. Our project managers are accustomed to fast delivery times and can discuss a suitable schedule with you. And thanks to our language engineers, we can handle any file formats.

For any questions about translation work within the security sector, don’t hesitate to call our account manager Harrie Hidding on +31 318 584938.

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