Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your website is easy to find on the Internet. L&L optimises your website with a complete package of SEO services.

Search engine optimisation is Google optimisation

In the Netherlands, Google is by far the biggest search engine: 95% of Dutch Internet users use Google (statistics Q1 2013). This percentage is not much lower in the rest of Europe: nearly 93% of Europeans use Google as their standard search engine. Although Google does not publish the search methods used, it is possible to boost the Google score of your website through SEO.

SEO on content and technology

To achieve a good score in Google, your website must ‘score’ well on different aspects. On which search words do you want to be found? These search words should occur throughout your website: in the textual content of the pages, as well as in the headings on these pages, in the so-called ‘metadata’ and in the technical elements of the site.

However, Google also considers the quality of the texts on your site. If a search word occurs too often, the so-called ‘spamming’ of search words, Google could lower the score.

In addition, Google checks how often others refer to your site. If websites with a high Google score refer to your site, this positively affects your own score.

SEO by L&L

Do you want your website to end up higher in Google’s search results? We are happy to help. Together with you, we decide on the best search words in your situation. We then analyse your website based on those search words. This analysis results in the best approach for SEO on your website. The options include:

  • • Rewriting and optimising of web texts
  • • Optimisation of search word placement (for example: headings, page titles, etc.)
  • • Optimising metadata for your website (metadescriptions, ALT texts, keywords, URLs)
  • • Technical optimisation: correcting errors in the underlying HTML, broken links, missing illustrations, etc.

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