Secondment – Businesses

Secondment is the fastest way to temporarily expand your team with experienced professionals. L&L supplies professionals for a range of disciplines, concentrating on writing and translation services, training and consultancy. Nevertheless, we can also offer well-qualified temporary staff for other fields too.

Advantages of secondment

Secondment has many advantages. Firstly, you don’t have to look for new staff yourself. We do it for you. Once you have indicated your wishes and requirements, we start our search. Within a few days of receiving your request, we introduce two suitable candidates with the appropriate training, background and professional knowledge.

There is no need to enter into a contract with the candidate of your choice. L&L hires this employee, pays his or her salary and deducts premiums, insurance, etc. You pay us a fee agreed in advance, so you always know where you stand when it comes to costs.

The greatest advantage of secondment is perhaps the degree of flexibility it offers. You only deploy extra staff for periods when this is really necessary. This makes it very easy to cope with peak times in your business.

Transparent and reliable

You know where you stand with L&L. Thanks to our large database of experienced professionals, we always find the right person for your situation. At L&L, you have a regular contact who knows you and your organisation as well as your requirements and wishes with regard to secondment. You can always choose between several candidates. If you do not feel that any of the candidates are suitable, we immediately continue our search.

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