Technical Writing

Good user documentation is a vital part of your end product and deserves full attention. L&L’s technical writers understand how to make documentation. Through our clear approach, we deliver structured, user-friendly documentation which reinforces your product.

The technical writers at L&L produce user documentation in many different forms:

  • Instructions for use
  • Installation instructions
  • Training material
  • Online help texts
  • Process descriptions
  • Work procedures

How do you provide documentation which really supports your end users? L&L is your best choice when it comes to effective user documentation which enables you to:

  • Increase the satisfaction of your clients
  • Facilitate and speed up the commissioning and use of products
  • Lower the costs of helpdesk personnel
  • Improve the image of your product
  • Recoup your investment

We apply a structured method and transform huge amounts of complex information into clear and usable documentation. L&L’s method ensures clear documentation with an organised modular structure, enabling the end user to find all the information he requires, fast and easily. Moreover, our approach simplifies the management of your documentation.

Optimising existing documentation

A well-known phenomenon: the amount of documentation always increases in time. This means that you can lose track. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage and update the documentation.

Do you recognise this situation? If so, then you might wish to consider optimising your documentation. Our technical writers analyse the documentation and draw up a plan to streamline it. Thus repetitions in the texts are removed, texts are standardised and made more compact, and all the documentation is organised in a modular way.

The result? In many cases, optimisation leads to 25% less documentation. Optimisation has many advantages:

  • Less time and money required for document management
  • Information is easier to find
  • The texts are more compact, clearer and easier to read
  • Lower editing costs, such as rewriting, translating or publishing on other platforms

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