Are you looking for skilled text writers for your marketing communications, such as brochures, leaflets or your website? The copywriters at L&L write convincing texts which can motivate the reader.

Briefing for the writing process

Copywriting starts with a briefing. In order to obtain clarity, we discuss the following issues with you:

  • Products and target groups
  • The aim of the texts
  • The medium (website, brochure, leaflet etc.)
  • The desired feel and tone of voice

We report on the results of the briefing and discuss them with you. Is this what you had in mind? Then the writing process can start.

Writing process in brief

Our copywriters use the briefing as their starting point for the text. Is it a short text? If so, you can expect a draft version of the text very quickly. For longer texts, for example a website, you will receive a draft version of an agreed number of pages.

We then ask you to evaluate the draft text and provide feedback. In the case of a short text, you will then receive the definitive version. For bigger projects, we use your feedback to adapt the briefing so that subsequent texts meet your expectations. To be absolutely sure that this is the case, a final revision always takes place after the first delivery of the complete text.

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