Specialised in writing documentation for ICT applications.

Our technical writers write clear, readable texts for all forms of user documentation:

  • Context-sensitive help
  • Online Help
  • Online/offline manuals
  • Interactive training material

Experts in ICT documentation

With a technical writer from L&L, you bring extra experience and knowledge into your team. Our ICT specialists have participated in many development and implementation processes. They know how to avoid the classic pitfalls when writing user documentation.

We train our writers to independently collect all the relevant information. They form a complete picture of your application by:

  • • Analysing available documentation (functional design, technical design, GUI, etc.)
  • • Interviewing/conducting discussions with staff involved
  • • Working with the application

On the basis of this information, the technical writer produces a document design that forms the basis of the documentation. The document design is as modular as possible. This enables the text modules to be re-used, thus limiting the total volume of the documentation. It also saves costs if a later translation is required.

The advantage of professional writers

No one knows your software product as well as your own designers and developers. But that does not necessarily mean that they are also the best writers of user documentation. A technical writer from L&L is trained to make the link between technology and end user. This is why it is often sensible to have your user documentation written by a professional writer.

Adding a technical writer to your team has another advantage. He or she is familiar with all the aspects of use of the application and thus has a unique overview. This can be helpful when identifying functional problems or unclear workflows in the application.

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