Technical writing training

To us, technical writing means producing instructive, supportive and educational texts and (user) documentation.

The term ‘technical writing’ is therefore slightly ambiguous because the written texts are not always technical. L&L has over thirty years’ experience in technical writing.

Technical writing can be learned

The ability to write good documentation certainly requires linguistic skills. However, a structured approach is the most important factor. L&L offers customised training for technical writers, during which participants learn to:

  • Identify the goals and target groups of the documentation
  • Collect the relevant information by analysing the existing information and interviewing material experts
  • Structure the information and create a document design
  • Write readable texts

Technical writing tools training

There are various software tools for technical writing on the market. The application areas are very diverse. For example, there are simple tools for writing online help texts. But there are also comprehensive (and sometimes complex) writing packages on the market, which enable documentation to be written for any conceivable situation and every possible medium (such as online help, web, PDF and paper).

Does your organisation already use one of these tools or are you considering using one? L&L offers customised training for all standard technical writing tools. We teach your staff how to optimally benefit from the functionalities provided. The content of the training is always decided in consultation with you. Important aspects here are:

  • Do’s and don’ts in modular writing
  • Re-use of information
  • Use of support media, such as illustrations, audio, video

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