MEAT tender

Traditional tenders are awarded to the party which can fulfil the requirements in the tender for the lowest price. Other aspects, such as sustainability, quality and social factors may then receive less emphasis. Recently, governments have therefore been inviting tenders on the basis of the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT). A MEAT tender features several award criteria, with quality and sustainability playing a major role besides price.

Why a MEAT writer?

Working with professional MEAT writers has many advantages. Writing a MEAT tender obviously requires specialists. The MEAT writers at L&L are trained to analyse and interpret the various award criteria which are important to the tender. They are in a unique position to maximise your chance of being awarded the contract.

From MEAT tender to contract

First of all, L&L’s MEAT writers compare the award criteria and weighting factors of the MEAT tender with the expertise and skills in your organisation. They analyse the knowledge and skills in your organisation by talking to the people involved and consulting other sources of information. This comparison produces a clear picture of the strengths of your organisation for the tender.

It is then important to perform an in-depth analysis of wishes and requirements in the tender. Particularly with respect to the wishes, your organisation can present itself positively compared with your competitors. All your competitors must naturally fulfil the requirements of the tender.

Our MEAT writers translate the wishes and requirements in the tender into a series of attractive propositions for the tendering party. The final result is a positive, convincing bid which responds seamlessly to the tender.

More information?

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