Every text is different. The translation of online help texts for a salary system requires a different approach than the translation of an assembly manual for a central heating boiler. Furthermore: not every translator is suitable for every type of text. Our challenge is to match the right translator to your project. And we always succeed.

L&L delivers high-quality translations. Whether it is a one-page translation of a product brochure or a hundred-page online help text in six languages at the same time.

Specialised translators

What can you expect of an L&L translator? Obviously our translators have linguistic knowledge at academic level. But that’s not all. Every translator at L&L has a specific area of expertise – through work experience and/or educational background. We therefore work with specialist medical translators for medical texts, marketing translators for commercial texts and technical translators for technical documents.

Translation quality

L&L produces top-quality translations. Your texts are translated by professional translators who are familiar with your field of business. Furthermore, L&L’s ISO-certified quality control provides an extra guarantee. Every translation is reviewed by a second translator. Our project managers follow clear procedures and provide clear feedback about the progress and status of your projects. The communication lines are short: your contact person at L&L is always available to respond tor your questions and comments.

Translation project management

Your contact person at L&L – usually this is your account manager – works closely with the project manager on your translation assignments. Our project managers apply a structured approach and ensure smooth coordination and fast handling of your translation projects. Our work processes are designed to ensure that translations into one or several languages are delivered within the same time frame. Your contact person endeavours to identify with you and your organisation. The better we understand your wishes, the better we can serve you.

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