General translation

Translating is our profession. A profession that we take very seriously. Our translators take the greatest care in translating your texts. Every translation is screened by an expert reviser – and that’s reflected in the result.

Every text is different: the subject, the discipline, the vocabulary … We therefore analyse your text before deciding who will translate it. We always select the translator who is most suitable for your text, taking into account the required linguistic knowledge, but particularly the other aspects of the text.

Your choice

We translate your texts in line with your demands and requirements. Do you want an exact translation, incorporating every detail? Or is it more important that the translated text ‘reads well’? Or something in between? We ensure that a translation meets your needs.

Translators in all shapes and sizes

L&L has translators for most language combinations and subject areas. We work with over three thousand professional translators, all of whom are experts and experienced in other subject areas besides their language knowledge. This means that we can always select the best translator for your texts.

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