Marketing translation

L&L delivers attractive translations for your marketing texts, such as brochures, leaflets and websites. A marketing translation by L&L can be used for your commercial activities immediately – no editing is required.

Translators with a feel for marketing

The translation of marketing texts demands the right approach. It’s not just the content which is important, but also the tone of voice and style. The commercial appeal and feel of the original text must be retained. We therefore select experienced marketing translators for your commercial texts. They deliver creative, readable translations with the same appeal as the original texts.

Copy translation

Besides standard marketing translations, L&L also offers copy translations. These are translations which are edited by a copywriter, a professional writer of commercial and marketing texts. The copy translation is ideal in situations where the text must optimally reflect the language and culture of the country for which it is intended.

For a copy translation, your text is first translated by an experienced marketing translator. The translation is then edited by a copywriter, who does not see the original text. The copywriter ensures that the translated text feels as natural as possible in the target language. The edited text is then proofread by a reviewer alongside the original text to ensure completeness.

The copy translation is the best way to translate commercial texts and satisfactorily convey the message in any language.

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