Video production

Video is an excellent medium for digital user documentation.

Moving images make it possible to ‘demonstrate’ complex actions to the user. However, L&L offers more than instructive and educational videos. More information about video production is provided below.

The power of video

People are easily influenced by moving images and sound. If a website contains text, images and video, most visitors will first view the video. Video is a very effective form of communication which immediately attracts attention.

Video is very versatile. A commercially interesting film on your website can also be used for sales presentations at trade fairs, for example.

The power of video can be used for various purposes. L&L produces:

  • Promotional films
  • Corporate films
  • Congress recordings
  • Recruitment films
  • Instruction and training films

Customised video

Video production is always custom work. You can choose from various types of video: animation, film recording, the use of screen captures or a combination of these. If necessary, L&L can manage the whole process for you, from concept development and script writing to the edited end product.

Are you considering using video? If so, contact us. We will be happy to advise you about the options, free of obligation. There are always more possibilities than you think.

Video production example

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