The technological industry is very important to the Netherlands. This sector employs 400,000 people and has an annual turnover of around 100 billion euros. Dutch technology companies have an excellent reputation: the label ‘Made in Holland’ on appliances and machines is synonymous worldwide for quality, reliability and innovation. Good technical translations are therefore essential for this internationally oriented industry.

L&L works with specialised translators and writers for the technical sector: true linguists, but with a strong technical background.

Translating and terminology

The basis for L&L’s translation services is subject knowledge. Thanks to training, education and work experience, our technical translators are experts in the fields of electrical engineering, machine building and equipment. They know the terminology of the technical industry and are familiar with the latest developments in this area.

We translate all your technical texts, even if they are very complex. Thanks to our extensive international database of translators, we will always find a translator with the appropriate background to translate your texts.

Examples of technical texts which we translate:

  • Manuals
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Installation instructions
  • Product documentation
  • Process descriptions

We translate into and from most languages.

Writing documentation

L&L’s technical writers understand technical language. Like our translators, they have a good technical background through education or work experience. They are also very experienced in writing understandable, clearly structured user documentation for your equipment or machinery.

Independent and structured

The technical writing process largely (often over half of the time) consists of collecting, ordering and analysing information. The writer obviously needs a complete picture before starting to write the documentation.

We therefore always recommend a secondment for technical writing. The writer works with you on site and has every opportunity to uncover all the available information sources. This includes talking to developers and project managers and analysing existing product documentation.

L&L’s technical writers use a very structured approach supported by advanced software tools for technical writing. The result is well-organised, accessible user documentation.

Examples of user documentation which we write:

  • • Instructions for use
  • • Maintenance manuals
  • • Training material
  • • Safety instructions

Visual elements

Often visual elements are the best and fastest way to explain something to users. A graph, illustration or table can immediately clarify a concept in a way that may be difficult to express in words. The technical writers at L&L therefore regularly use visual elements when designing user documentation.

Video is another excellent medium for user support and instruction. A video can show how certain processes should be carried out. Users often remember this better than a written summary of instructions.

L&L produces professional video productions, not only to support user documentation but also for other situations.

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