Technical translations

Since our foundation in 1983, we have combined our technical knowledge with our translation expertise. We soon started to focus on technology, and that never changed. As a technical translation agency, we therefore feel at home in any technical industry: from the maritime industry to the agricultural industry. And although the documentation and translation requests are often complex in these technological industries, they pose no problem for L&L. Because whenever things get complicated, our strength is really revealed.

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The technical translations of L&L

We mainly specialise in technical translations for various sectors, including these industries:

The expertise of L&L technical translation agency

We combine our expertise with a personal approach. This makes us the perfect partner in the field of:

L&L technical translation agency: partner in technical translations

Our translations can be used and understood all over the world. In that way, we connect language & technology and complexity & comprehensibility. The fact that we focus on technology does not mean that our service stops there. L&L also delivers legal and financial translations, for example.

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