Legal translations

Due to our expertise relating to (technical) translations and technical documentation, we know that legal documents often need to be translated in technical sectors too. L&L is happy to deliver legal translations, even if you don’t work in the technical industry.

L&L & legal translations

Do you work in the technical industry? In that case, we won’t need to tell you that you will sometimes encounter legal documents like patents and patent applications, permits and terms of delivery. And does your organisation operate internationally? Then you will know that your international activities also involve numerous legal documents and translations. For example, the translation of contracts and trade, rental and/or purchase agreements and statutes.

Whether a legal translation is an everyday occurrence, or you need legal translations for the internationalisation of your organisation: L&L will be happy to help. Our extensive, worldwide network of specialised native speaker translators also includes legal translators. We can therefore always find a translator for your legal translations who not only is a native speaker in your target language and has experience in the legal sector but is also familiar with your field. That combination ensures that you always receive a translation that perfectly fits your organisation.

In some cases, a translation of a legal document is not sufficient. L&L also provides sworn translations and legalisations for organisations.

Quality & confidentiality

Accuracy, correctness and confidentiality are inherent to legal documents and translations. Your legal translations are in good hands with L&L.

Our innovative translation technology ensures that your texts are consistent and include your preferred terminology. So you are always assured of a flawless translation that can be understood by those for whom it is intended. In that way, we connect complexity & comprehensibility. Furthermore, all our staff and translators are contractually committed to guaranteeing confidentiality.

Want to know more about our quality and how we manage confidentiality? Read more on our page about our quality & working methods.

Contact with L&L

Want to experience the partnership with L&L yourself? Contact our team. They will be happy to tell you about all our options. You can also request a no-obligation quote.