Do you work in the maritime sector and are you looking for specialised translators or writers for your technical and other documents? If so, call on the maritime expertise of L&L.

The Dutch maritime sector enjoys an excellent international reputation. Our country is leading in the field of shipbuilding, hydraulic engineering and salvage. The maritime industry is a truly international sector with extensive projects involving several countries. Multilingual communication is therefore vitally important in this sector.

Maritime translations

Documentation for the maritime industry involves very specific terminology. For the translation of maritime texts, we therefore use translators who are maritime specialists. Through their relevant academic background or work experience, these translators have in-depth knowledge of your sector. They know the jargon and can start work at once.

Our translators are all native speakers who translate into their own native language.

Do you need high volumes of text translated into several languages in a short space of time, for example a tender? That is no problem for L&L. We use advanced translation tools which allow us to translate your texts into several languages in one go. Moreover, we can have several translators work on a text, so that we can achieve very fast delivery times.

Some examples of documents which we translate for the maritime sector:

  • Safety designs
  • Manuals
  • Assembly instructions
  • Environmental reports
  • RFIs, RFPs and Proposals
  • Marketing texts

Writing documentation

The maritime sector has to deal with masses of international regulations and procedures. Documentation is therefore an essential part of almost any activity, whether it concerns shipbuilding, offshore or international tenders.

The technical writers at L&L are experts in the field of maritime technology. They can convert huge volumes of unstructured information into clear, easy to understand documents. Also for very technical and complex subjects.

Our writers use a modular writing method, which produces optimal documentation with minimum repetitions. This has great advantages: the documentation is limited in terms of size and it is very easy to re-use text modules. Furthermore, translating the texts takes less time due to the clear modular structure.

Examples of texts which we write for the maritime sector:

  • Manuals
  • Training material, including interactive e-learning modules
  • Online help
  • Annual reports
  • Tenders

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