Optimally fulfilling your expectations. That’s our interpretation of quality. Firstly, this means that you receive excellent translations. That we write high-quality, clear texts which meet your requirements. But it doesn’t stop there.

Certified quality control

The quality procedures of L&L are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, so they meet the highest standards. And this is reflected in our services. What does L&L’s quality control mean for you in practice?

  • • Every translation or writing project is unique. For each project, you therefore receive a customised quote, reflecting your specific wishes and requirements.
  • • All translators at L&L are native speakers who only translate into their own native language.
  • • Every translation is screened by a second translator (reviewer).
  • • Our project management is very secure. L&L always delivers on time. Also in the case of an extensive project involving multiple languages.
  • • Our services are open and transparent. Your contact person at L&L answers all your questions and comments.

Try us

Would you like to experience the excellent services and quality of L&L for yourself? Try us out and request a quote for your translation or writing project.