In marketing texts, the tone of voice and style can be more important than the content. Translating and writing marketing texts is thus often underestimated, resulting in texts which do not have the desired impact on your target group. Because that’s what matters: the translated text must be equally commercially appealing in its tone as the original.

Are you looking for good marketing translations or do you need creative marketing texts?

Translating marketing texts

For the translation of your marketing texts, we only select translators who are experienced in this field. Translators who know that a literal one-on-one translation is not usually the best choice for marketing texts. Translators who know how to choose the right words and expressions. The result: creative, easy to read texts which communicate your message in the right way.

For the very best marketing translations, L&L offers a special service: the copy translation.

Writing for your target group

Do you want to widen your client base? Strengthen your relationship with existing clients? The copywriters from L&L write marketing texts which have an impact. From advertisements to annual reports, from newsletters to brochures.

Before our copywriter starts writing, he or she discusses the project with you. During this conversation, you indicate your wishes, identify the target group, explain the desired style and the media in which the text will be used. On the basis of this briefing, the copywriter starts work. You always receive a first version of the text, so that you can provide feedback. The copywriter incorporates this feedback into the document, after which you receive the definitive version.

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