Technical translation

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your technical translations? If so, L&L is the right address. We have the know-how and the tools to translate your technical texts into and from any language.

The best translators, the best tools

For your technical translations, we only use professional translators with a specialist technical background. They are familiar with the terminology in your field of business and deliver consistent and uniform translations, also when it involves very complex technical texts.

Modern CAT tools (Computer-Aided Translation) provide a further guarantee for the quality of our translations. The use of translation memories and terminology databases ensures consistency in terminology, style and grammar in all your texts. Moreover, these translation tools make it possible for several translators to work on a project, enabling us to translate large volumes of text in a very short time.

All formats – also DTP

L&L can translate directly in most formats, for example AutoCAD or InDesign. You receive your translation in the same format as the source text. In other words: they are ready to be used. Even in the case of print layouts. We have experienced DTP staff who can proofread your printed text and correct layout errors, such as incorrect word divisions, widows/orphans and empty pages.

Quality control through certification

The translation services of L&L have been awarded ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certifications which are regularly inspected by independent auditors. This provides assurance that your technical translations meet the highest quality standards.

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