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English is the language used in many (international) companies. This may be because of the many employees who speak different languages, the international character of the organisation or their international client base. Most employees will therefore have a good command of the English language.

But is that a good enough basis to ask an employee to do a Dutch-English or English-Dutch translation for the organisation? A good translation requires much more than excellent knowledge of the language and making the right choice between UK, US or international English.

Choosing an English translation agency

For software localisation or a technical translation for sectors like IT , the medical industry or the agricultural industry, a great deal of technical expertise and knowledge of specific terminology is required. The same applies to error-sensitive texts like legal or financial translations, which may be needed for the internationalisation of your organisation. A small error can have huge consequences, also for your company’s reputation.

It is therefore best to choose an English translation agency that knows your field, uses native speaker translators and revisors who understand your discipline, and applies the appropriate ISO standards. You want a partner that knows your organisation, situation and processes. The result is an English-Dutch or Dutch-English translation that is accurate in terms of language, content and terminology, and that seamlessly fits your processes.

At L&L, we produce English translations that can be used and understood all over the world. In that way, we connect language & technology and complexity & comprehensibility.

English translations through innovation, expertise & partnership

Since our foundation in 1983, we have been involved with technology, technical documentation and innovation. We therefore have in-depth knowledge of the English (technical) market, from the  manufacturing industry to the agricultural industry. Because of our years of experience, we are familiar with the newest technologies and English terminologies, as well as the technology and terms that have been in use for a long time.

In addition, a personal relationship with our clients is very important at L&L. We know their situation and what their needs and ambitions are. This enables us to optimally align our services and translation processes to them.

Want to know more about our history and our focus on innovation and partnership? Read more about us.

English translations at English Translation Agency L&L in Utrecht

At L&L Translation Agency, you always have a regular contact person who advises and personally manages your projects. Even if you don’t work in the technical industry.

Contact our team, who will be happy to discuss all the options. Convinced of our strengths? Just request a no-obligation quote for your English translation. We look forward to hearing from you!